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About Us

WJD Repairs are a leading Wholesaler and Retailer of used and refurbished smartphones with over 20 years combined experience within the pre-owned device market.


We buy, we repair and we sell a wide range of smartphone makes and models - including Apple and Samsung, providing our diverse customer range with great flexibility and choice.

At WJD Repairs we’re committed to repairing and recycling mobile phones through reuse, to help support a circular economy and to reduce e-waste to help protect our environment.

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Our Mission

As a leading UK Wholesaler and Retailer, our purpose is to provide accessibility to high quality used devices for a wide range of customers including wholesalers, retailers and consumers.

We like to say things 'how it is', through an open and honest approach, which is why it's no surprise our customers want to buy from us over and over again.

Our in-house experienced team and value added services, means everything we touch is handled with the greatest care and attention.

Our Vision

To be the first choice for customers when it comes to buying and selling used smartphones whilst retaining our low return rate of just 3%.


We want to lead the way in the UK pre-owned device market by continuously adapting our excellent services to meet the needs of our diverse customer base, as well as providing a quality experience.

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Our brand values


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